What happens if you don't service an ac?

The condenser of the air conditioning unit can also become dirty and blocked. If the condenser isn't clean and doesn't allow air to flow properly, it could burn out. Air conditioners with dirty or clogged condensers don't work efficiently. A congested condensate drain line can even damage the water.

There are many reasons behind the loss of cooling capacity, but most are due to lack of maintenance. A more urgent problem that can occur is a coolant leak. The coolant, or what most people call freon, is what passes through AC motors to allow cooling. This compound can leak out due to poor air conditioning maintenance. Dirt can enter the interior of the air conditioner and create holes through which it can leak.

A refrigerant leak creates many problems, from a decrease in cooling to the formation of frost inside the air conditioner. A leak must be fixed by calling experts to repair its source and replace the refrigerant that was lost. Many people postpone service until the last minute, so summer isn't a good time to schedule it. You can get caught up in the rush and end up not having a clean, efficient air conditioner in time for summer. If a technician finds a major problem with your air conditioner, you may also run out of air conditioning in summer until the problem is resolved.

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