What happens if air conditioner is not serviced?

The condenser of the air conditioning unit can also become dirty and blocked. If the condenser isn't clean and doesn't allow air to flow properly, it could burn out. Air conditioners with dirty or clogged condensers don't work efficiently. A congested condensate drain line can even damage the water.

A clogged air conditioning filter impairs performance and cooling. It's the easiest thing you can do to keep your air conditioner in good working order. Simply remove the air filter and clean it regularly. If the filter is too clogged, it's time to change it in Blue Ash, OH.

Clogged air conditioning drains, broken and worn gaskets, or broken condenser pumps can cause the air conditioning unit to leak. Regular maintenance service will check, clean and repair these parts to keep the air conditioner running without unwanted leaks. Keeping your heating and cooling systems in good working order means greater comfort in your home and workplace, longer equipment life, lower utility bills and, of course, fewer repairs. When the air conditioner turns on, you should hear a slight buzzing sound, but otherwise, the air conditioning system should run silently in the background during the day.

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